2 days ago With so many ingenious innovations in the vegan meat industry, from sausages with realistic meaty textures to the news of a 3D printed vegan rib-eye steak, it is clear that the vegan industry is on the rise. One of the biggest reasons that the vegan industry is growing is due to climate change. As we have stated in the past, plant-based diets can drastically reduce our carbon footprint. But with every headline that vegan alternatives make, the meat industry has continued to boom and develop new techniques to grapple with a changing culinary climate. A number of new changes can help make the meat industry eco-friendlier, which may mean we won’t have to go vegan to fight climate change. The Vegan Meat Industry vs The Meat Farming Industry You can find vegan alternatives across supermarkets and in most fast-food retailers – gone are the days of a mere portobello mushroom being the vegan meat alternative. With every new move in the artificial meat sphere, there are more opportunities for new products to fly onto the shelves. Eco-conscious consumers have been among those most focused on going vegan. Those worried about sustainability are part of the reason […]


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