No matter how digitized the world has become, paperwork remains relevant to some point. Although some companies have decided to go the paperless direction , some still value the paperwork a lot. Over the years, paperwork has been used as concrete evidence in legal situations since it is almost impossible to delete what is written. Paperwork is not vanishing anytime soon since not every potential prospect has fully embraced the digital world. Some companies dealing with many payment documents, e.g., checks, invoices, and volumes of catalogs, can’t ditch paperwork – no matter digitized they feel. Things are bound to happen, and technological hitches are not an exception. In such inconvenient events, paperwork is the best backup. Fortunately, there are still ways for green businesses to minimize dependence of paper to be more environmentally friendly. If you want to reach out to multiple potential clients, paperwork is an ideal way, whether in the analog or digital world. On the other hand, paper wastage is among the numerous reasons companies feel the need to eliminate it – this adds production costs. Below is how the managed print services provide sustainable print solutions to help reduce paper wastage: 1. Implementation Duplex Printing […]


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