Sonya Richmond and Sean Morton are hiking across Canada, gathering citizen science observations from across the country. (Credit: Sean Morton) On June 21, 2019, Sonya Richmond and Sean Morton took the first steps on an odyssey that would take them across the second-largest country on Earth. The duo is currently in the middle of a quest to walk the entirety of the Trans Canada Trail, a network of paths that stretches for thousands of miles across the country. But they’re not hiking to get away from people; in fact, the two say they want to bring as many with them on their journey as possible. By writing blog posts, taking photos and uploading their observations to citizen science app iNaturalist, Richmond and Morton are documenting every part of what has expanded to become a five-year journey across Canada’s diverse natural landscapes. The goal, Richmond says, “is to inspire other people to fall in love with Canada’s nature and hopefully be inspired to protect it.” Now on the third year of their trip, the pair has walked more than 4,000 miles so far. Along the way, they’ve seen and documented tons of species of wildlife, camped in sites across the […]


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