At Freetown Farm, members of the community can learn the names of medicinal herbs and harvest vegetables, all while developing a deeper relationship to the land and local community. On a busy July day at Freetown Farm, young people of all backgrounds can be seen mulching vegetable gardens, smelling wildflowers, learning about the medicinal properties of herbs, and harvesting ripe cabbages, kale, carrots, and tomatoes. “When I come here, I see East Asians. I see Black people. I see people with different abilities, mental and physical. And they are all welcome here. And no one is being condescended upon,” says Akil Cole, an 18-year-old participant in the youth internship program at Freetown Farm. Having worked on the farm for the past year, he says he feels rooted here, which has helped both his mental and physical health. Cole, who commutes from D.C., reports feeling happier, more confident, and more social on the farm. Akil Cole, 18, commutes from D.C. to participate in Freetown Farm’s internship program and says he feels happier, more confident, and more social on the farm. Photo courtesy of Freetown Farm. Freetown Farm, in historic Columbia, Maryland, is a 6.4-acre farm founded by Chiara D’Amore, Ph.D., […]


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