Over 70 different fruits and vegetables are grown in this urban biodiversity oasis, including specialty crops from the community’s diverse cultures. Located in eastern Brooklyn, a culturally diverse and underserved community, East New York Farms! (ENYF!) operates two farms and two community gardens that work to provide solutions to pressing food-justice issues by promoting local, sustainable agriculture and community-led economic development. This pioneering project, founded in the late 1990s, sits under the umbrella of United Community Centers (UCC), a social justice-driven community center that has been serving the East New York neighborhood for more than six decades. “ENYF! is the only urban agriculture, food justice-led project in East New York,” explains project director Iyeshima Harris. “We have started multiple community gardens in the area and help community gardeners with the process of starting their own gardens.” The initiative offers extensive support to new gardeners, providing them with seeds and the option to sell the produce they grow at the ENYF! farmers market. It also offers training opportunities for gardeners in the form of weekly workshops that teach different gardening skills and techniques. Gemma Garcia in her garden, the St. John Cantius Parish Community Garden, which is supported by East […]


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