The next business frontier lies at the intersection of climate change and biodiversity. On the agenda at the IUCN Congress in Marseille is awareness that investment in a vibrant natural world opens the door to sustainable and sustained prosperity. Forward-thinking business leaders understand that nature and economics are inextricably linked. Industry leaders need to change the measures of growth, bring the true value of nature into market pricing and ensure demands on nature do not exceed the ability to supply. The world is in danger of losing 10% or more of its total GDP by the end of the century. This is the top takeaway from a recent stress-test study by Swiss Re that looks at the consequences of failing to address climate and environmental risks. To put that into perspective using the most recent economic and human tragedy, the COVID-19 pandemic trimmed a full 6% of global GDP in 2020. This is widely seen as an economic catastrophe. So what are countries and companies doing to safeguard against an even more precipitous decline in wealth? This question comes at a moment when environmental impacts are growing too severe and costly to ignore . With the arctic circle sweltering […]


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