Courtesy of Elin Bandmann Photography Close Authorship 100 percent compostable Sendle mailers. This article is sponsored by Sendle . The thrill of online shopping usually kicks in the moment the package arrives on your doorstep. From a simple grocery delivery to a shipment of your favorite jeans, the unboxing experience is full of anticipation and excitement. But as online shopping grows in popularity, so does the pile of packaging waste it generates from shipping. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that plastic and other packaging make up about 30 percent of the country’s annual waste. After the biggest 18 months of e-commerce growth in history, this figure is only expected to rise. In the early days of e-commerce, retailers invested in appealing packaging to engage consumers who weren’t going into a physical store. Research now shows consumers are becoming more aware of the packaging waste problem, and it turns out that what they care about isn’t how beautiful the packaging is — it’s how they feel when they sort it into the bin. You might ask, “Why is a parcel delivery service writing about the e-commerce packaging crisis?” Well, as the first 100 percent carbon neutral shipping carrier in […]


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