BMW plans to still be in business in 2040. That’s good news. At the Munich Motor Show (IAA) this week, it showed off its CirCular concept car, which it says is fully recyclable. It also upped its orders for battery cells from €12 billion to €20 billion. The battery cells for its future electric cars will be supplied by CATL, EVE Energy, SK Innovation, and Northvolt at this point. According to electrive , BMW CEO Oliver Zipse told the press this week the battery cells will power the i4, the iX SUV , and other electric models coming from BMW by 2024, such as an electric 5 Series sedan and an electric version of the X1. “We are following the market,” he said. “The first half of the year showed that we are growing and gaining market share. We are in the middle of electrification.” According to Zipse, BMW plans to start switching to a new generation of batteries beginning next year. Although, there are no technical details about those next-generation cells. Electrive reports EVE Energy is a Chinese company that specializes in the development and production of LFP cells. In May, there were rumors it could become Tesla’s […]


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