Minimum Viable Planet is a weeklyish newsletter about climateish stuff, and how to keep it together in a world gone mad. This week, a pep talk in the wake of the big IPCC report. A note: If you are experiencing climate anxiety, contact a health professional. All We Can Save and Gen Dread have also put together this unbelievably fantastic resource that I can’t recommend enough: Working with climate emotions . Last weekend I girded. I encircled myself with mental armor in preparation for the latest IPCC report , over which climate Twitter was already angsting . I told myself I would just read the top lines, and leave it to colleagues to go deep on the policy. I told myself I wouldn’t dwell. There was nothing new except further conclusivity and a tighter window. If the window was a finicky sliding glass door before, it’s more of a porthole now. But we knew we were portholing anyway. And as the glassishalffullers would say, it’s even more definitive now, so the world has to pay attention. Maybe. Try as I might to get past the planet’s inability to wrap its energies around the mother of all collective action problems, […]


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