Coffee cups you can eat. English soccer club Manchester City is trialling an edible coffee cup made from leak-proof wafer. Another English team, Forest Green Rovers, has tried sustainable shirts made from recycled coffee beans and plastic bottles on for size. FIFA is aiming for Qatar 2022 to be the first carbon neutral World Cup. The pitches may be green – but how sustainable is soccer? Next year, we are being promised the world’s first carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup . Pulling this off will be no mean feat – from construction to travel and accommodation, Qatar 2022 is expected to produce up to 3.6 million tonnes of CO2 . The event plans to tackle its emissions through a variety of measures including offsetting, reusing construction waste, and building a stadium from recycled shipping containers. And across the sport, there are many other examples of small changes that could have a big impact if widely adopted. Here are some of them. In England’s Premier League, Manchester City Football Club is trialling a sustainable coffee cup that you can eat. The edible cups, from Scottish company BioBite , are made from wafer that is said to stay leak-proof for up to […]


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