Some upcycling projects evoke a smile. For example, old-fashioned rotary phones are re-imagined as decorative desk lamps. Other upcycling projects dazzle, such as perky pendant lights with porcupine-like spikes formed from tight rolls of recycled paper. Innovative artisans and upcycling enthusiasts from around the world are repurposing a wide variety of potential discards into interesting lamps and light fixtures. Some are functional and unfussy. Others are works of art. Lots are delightfully whimsical. All of them demonstrate the delicious potential of upcycling, and ideally reducing waste. Deodorant Re-do Photo: Sudhu Tewari , Instructables On his Instructables page, Sudhu Tewari provides his do-it-yourself version for a portable solar-powered light using an empty plastic deodorant tube. He describes his design as an easy hack for a homemade bike light. It also features a solar panel reclaimed from a garden light. “I love reusing discarded things,” Tewari says. “It gives me great satisfaction to be able to reuse something rather than sending it to landfill.” Paper Pendants Photo: Verdepumo , Etsy Pendant lamps from Verdepumo Etsy shop sport a spikey sea urchin vibe. They’re entirely handmade with recycled paper. “Working with recycled paper is a way to turn garbage into poetry,” says […]


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