Satellite Technology in Wildlife Conservation The time is now to act on saving endangered species . Every species of animal, large and small, affects their ecosystems and maybe even communities outside of their reach. Something as small as the honeybee can pollinate food for a town, while a larger animal like a red wolf can cull and maintain a rabbit population so they don’t become pests. Satellite monitoring can help provide these essential animals with the services and help they need to survive. While humans don’t have to interfere with wildlife on most fronts, they can better use satellite technology to understand when an animal needs help or when a species is in danger. Technology like Google Earth is only the beginning — further developments prove to show that monitoring animals for the betterment of their species will be easier than ever. Benefits of Satellite Technology Satellite technology continues to advance rapidly. It’s a good thing, too: With greater technological capabilities, more species can be protected from the threat of extinction. This world contains around 16,000 endangered species of wildlife . To best serve all of them and keep them safe from the actions of humans, satellite technology has […]


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