Alejandro Prieto / Bird Photographer of the Year A photo of a roadrunner stopped in its tracks by the US-Mexico border wall has won the top award in this year’s Bird Photographer of the Year competition. The picture was taken by Mexican photographer Alejandro Prieto. "The border wall crosses deserts, mountains, and even mangroves," says Prieto. "I have watched many different animals reach the wall before turning around and heading back." The judges were drawn to the image immediately. "It is not your typical bird photo, and the story behind the image is so strong," says Will Nicholls, director of Bird Photographer of the Year. "The roadrunner appears so vulnerable facing up to the huge border wall that dominates the frame." Levi Fitze / Bird Photographer of the Year The competition attracted more than 22,000 entries with awards across a number of categories, including Young Bird Photographer of the Year which was awarded to 17-year-old Swiss photographer Levi Fitze for his image of black grouse lekking at sunrise. Here are some other entries that caught the eye of the judges: Felipe Foncueva, Spain Felipe Foncueva / Bird Photographer of the Year "This underwater image of a brown pelican was […]


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