The e-bike industry is exploding around the world as people adopt the idea of an environmentally-friendly alternative for the daily commute and a way to enjoy the outdoors. Creative minds are introducing e-bike innovations such as energy generation from tire rotation and creative new body styles. Evie Bee, a woodworker, model maker and university student, has melded her passions into a unique and beautiful wooden e-bike she calls Electraply. Bee says, “The design of the bike was inspired by my love for the cafe racer and scrambler motorcycles of the past (the Great Escape anyone?) and the desire to honour and continue this iconic design through a modern interpretation.” She goes on to explain she has a “passion for sustainable design and combining modern manufacturing methods with traditional construction techniques.” Electraply is composed predominantly of layers of sustainably sourced poplar ply, which is the inspiration for the name. The outer layers include birch wood as well. Bee also incorporates stainless steel into areas where extra strength is needed. The use of wood for the frame threatened to make the bike too heavy, but Bee told Inhabitat, “It’s around 30kg with battery and motor. I tried to make it so […]


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