It began with a quick upload. In early 2020, Canadian-based actress Christine Lan uploaded a video describing how she made DIY, sustainable cosmetics in her home. She hadn’t posted regularly on TikTok before and didn’t expect much to come from her video. Christine’s following began to grow. Followers and commenters were not only asking her how to make environmentally friendly makeup for themselves, but they wanted to know if they could purchase it. So along with putting in more time and effort into creating environmental projects, Christine launched her online store called Eco-Amical . She sells low waste cosmetics like powder blush, lip balm, and powdered eyebrow filler. Christine is also a creator for EcoTok , which is a sort of “hype house” for environmental creators that range from professional environmentalists, students who are interested in sustainable products, and creators that want to educate others on environmental justice movements. I recently gave Christine a call about her life as an actress, online creator, and business owner. She’s also a mom with kids who are also interested in environmentalism and content creation. She says they often help her with uploads and ideas, which makes her full schedule a bit easier […]


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