Miami and Miami Beach were built right up to the waterfront, with little room for nature. Miami is all about the water and living life outdoors. Walking paths and parks line large stretches of downtown waterfront with a stunning bay view . This downtown core is where the Army Corps of Engineers plans to build a $6 billion sea wall , 20 feet high in places, through downtown neighborhoods and right between the Brickell district’s high-rises and the bay. There’s no question that the city is at increasing risk of flooding as sea level rises and storms intensify with climate change. A hurricane as powerful as 1992’s Andrew or 2017’s Irma making a direct hit on Miami would devastate the city . But the sea wall the Army Corps is proposing — protecting only six miles of downtown and the financial district from a storm surge — can’t save Miami and Dade County. Most of the city will be outside the wall, unprotected; the wall will still trap water inside; and the Corps hasn’t closely studied what the construction of a high sea wall would do to water quality . At the same time, it would block the water […]


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