Norwegian company Wind Catching Systems is developing an offshore wind power generator that could produce renewable energy for 80,000 homes at prices comparable to traditional fossil fuels. Named the Windcatcher , the structure would contain more than a hundred rotors stacked vertically within a 300-metre-high framework. The floating Windcatcher (top image) is about as tall as the Eiffel Tower (above) According to the company, one Windcatcher could produce as much energy as five of the strongest floating turbines in existence while halving the price of the energy generated in the process. Wind Catching Systems aims to deploy the first structure within the next three years. “Our goal is to enable offshore wind operators and developers to produce electricity at a cost that competes with other energy sources, without subsidies,” Wind Catching Systems CEO Ole Heggheim told Dezeen. “We can produce electricity for a cost per kilowatt that is similar to what the other floating technologies are planning to achieve in 10 years.” Smaller rotors can increase yield Unlike turbines that are placed on fixed foundations in shallow water, floating turbines can harness energy from higher wind speeds that occur above the deep, open sea. These structures account for around […]


    • All wind turbines pose some risk to flying birds. However, new research shows that if you paint one blade another colour – in this article black – bird deaths are reduced 70%! Perhaps other colours or maybe lights would be even more effective.
      Hopefully, the people who build these large turbines take this simple solution and develop it further.


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