The campaigners began in Rosario and rode the Parana River southwest to the capital Juan Camelia is not really much of a sportsman. He got his kayak just six years ago, to paddle about on the Parana River and go camping in the great outdoors. Now, he is one of more than 40 kayakers who have caused a considerable stir in Argentina with their spectacular environmental campaign to get the Congress to pass a bill to protect the wetlands. “I’d never paddled a distance like that in my life,” Camelia said. “Most of us hadn’t. I’m absolutely shattered — and, at the same time, I’m really happy, because this tour has achieved a tremendous positive response.” There were biologists, lawyers and doctors among the kayakers who donned the spray skirt for the journey. The youngest was 20 years old, the oldest an impressive 75. One participant even came from Chile. Previously, 80% of the land in the Parana Delta was underwater — now, just 20% is ‘Politicians won’t listen’ Nowhere in Argentina are the overexploitation of nature and the consequences of climate change as evident as on the delta of this river. The Parana is almost 5,000 kilometers (3,000 […]


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