As parents, many of us have had challenging conversations with our children over the last year. In the US, we’ve confronted a pandemic that shut down schools, a divisive election and a renewed call to address the pervasive racial injustices that have plagued our country for centuries. These are all urgent and important. And there’s one more to add to the list — climate change. Climate change is no longer a future issue. It’s already affecting nearly every aspect of our lives and our children’s futures. It’s making our heat waves more deadly, our storms more intense, and our wildfires burn with ferocity. When we talk to our kids, we have to be honest. Climate change is real, and it’s serious. But the most important thing we can give them is hope: that there are solutions, and everyone has something to contribute no matter their age. Here are 4 tips that we — the two of us are climate scientists and moms — hope will help you have a positive and constructive climate conversation with your children. 1. Start by listening Many kids are already aware that the climate is changing. They first learn about climate change in school, […]


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