The ‘Flower Burger’. The National Food Strategy is a huge opportunity to transform England’s food system. England took a major step towards healthier and more sustainable food and farming with the publication in July of the National Food Strategy Part Two, the result of an independent review of the nation’s food system. But will this mark the beginning of the urgently needed transition to plant-based food and farming? The strategy draws on a huge amount of evidence on the environmental impact of animal farming. Ultra-processed It singles out beef as the most significant driver of global deforestation and dairy as the leading cause of serious pollution incidents in the UK. It highlights farming, hunting and fishing as the principal causes of species decline across Europe and identifies livestock farming as a major cause of zoonotic disease. Crucially, it identifies agricultural land use as a central issue driving both species extinction and the climate crisis. It states: “Overall, around 70 percent of UK land, and an area about this size overseas, is used to grow our food. Of this whole area, only 15 percent is used to grow the grains, fruit and vegetables we directly consume.” It also does an […]


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