Furniture retailer IKEA is branching out to become a renewable energy supplier with its Strömma subscription service, which is set to bring wind and solar power to Swedish households from September. Launched in partnership with Svea Solar , the scheme will see the companies purchase electricity on the European power exchange Nord Pool before selling it on without a surcharge in order to reduce the cost to the end-user. IKEA is already in partnership with Svea Solar for its solar panels, which are sold in 11 markets. Strömma scheme to be rolled out globally IKEA says it aims to expand the Strömma scheme globally and create the world’s “biggest renewable energy movement”, in a bid to cut down the 10 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) that are generated by lighting, heating and cooling our buildings every year. “We believe the future of energy is renewable and we want to make electricity from sustainable sources more accessible and affordable for all,” explained Jan Gardberg, new retail business manager at IKEA’s parent company Ingka Group . As part of a Strömma subscription, households will pay a fixed monthly fee alongside a variable rate, both of which are as yet […]


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