Time to cut the grass. Again! Wreathed in the toxic fumes of a high-polluting mower engine, your head reels. Still, it’s clear enough to form one thought; I’d like to cut the grass right out of my life. The cost of watering is bad enough. Then add the environmental toll of turfgrass and all the maintenance needed to keep it looking like a country club fairway. If you’ve considered the many practical alternatives and are ready to replace your grass lawn with something more sustainable, how do you start? What’s the best way to save the lawn by killing the grass? Removing Your Grass Lawn Before you can start growing your sustainable, low-maintenance lawn, you need to remove the grass lawn. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Chemicals vs Muscle One reason to replace all that grass is to mitigate environmental harm. So, using chemicals for the coup de grace is hard to square with the concept of creating a more sustainable lawn . Physically digging out the grass means getting very familiar with tools like shovels and hoes. Renting or borrowing a sod cutter will let you rip out large strips of sod. However you […]


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