Anna Sacks documents her ‘trash walks’ on social media, shining a light on the everyday shame and indignity of producing and living with so much waste ‘The plastic containers are never-ending.’ Photograph: Ismail Ferdous/The Guardian On an ordinary street in the middle of Manhattan, Anna Sacks gets ready to rifle through the trash. But first, she takes out her phone and turns on the camera. “You can see, they’ve ripped up the RXBars,” says Sacks in the resulting TikTok video , as she documents the depths of this particular bag of trash, plopped outside a CVS pharmacy. Her (puncture-proof) gloved hand maneuvers through the bag to reveal its contents: the aforementioned protein bars; tubes of toothpaste with the toothpaste squeezed out; a depleted makeup palette; a hairbrush that appears to covered in the aforementioned toothpaste. “Ugh,” Sacks manages at one point, before salvaging the hairbrush, noting it just needs to be washed. “It’s so gross that this is what they like to do, as a corporation, rather than help people.” How America’s treeless streets are fueling inequalityRead more Sacks’ social media channels are full of moments like this – a visual journey through corporate trash, residential recycling and other […]


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