Shutterstock Licensed Photo – By Miha Creative | stock photo ID: 1919469722 Throughout the life of an older person there have been many changes, some internal and some external. As for the latter, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the development of technologies, the evolution of science or urbanization. But there is another element that has changed a lot in recent decades, and not especially for the better: the environment . January 26 was World Environment Education Day. We all have a role to play in this crisis in order to stop it and reverse it as much as possible. The elderly are no exception. That’s why we want to review what they can do for the planet. We have discovered that older people have been more focused on sustainability than many of the younger generations. This is surprising for many people to hear, because older people tend to be less likely to acknowledge the reality of climate change. However, they have historically still been more concerned about the environment. Many of them are even finding zero waste ways to live through retirement . Seniors have a number of priorities as they get older. They have […]


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