Transitioning to solar power can help homeowners save loads of money, especially in the long run. Over time, monthly savings on utility bills really add up, making solar panels a financially savvy investment. In the short term, though, the initial price can be pretty steep. Thankfully, there are a number of tax incentives available to help you offset the starting cost of solar panels — and to provide additional monetary benefits down the road. The most notable of these incentives is the federal solar tax credit, which defrays 26% of the total startup installation cost. What’s more, many states offer their own benefits to homeowners who wish to invest in solar power, and many of those benefits are quite significant. So, what are the top states for solar tax incentives? Let’s dive in. Top 10 States for Solar Energy Tax Incentives As you consider whether to invest in solar energy, make sure you’re aware of any tax incentives specific to your state. If you decide to work with a local top solar company , it will likely provide you with assistance in claiming these financial benefits. According to our research and analysis, the 10 states with the best solar […]


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