These imaginary landscapes of flora and fauna are a call to action to protect that biodiversity. Images courtesy of Clare Celeste Nature is all about relationships: the interconnected links between the animate and inanimate, and how they harmonize beautifully into an emergent whole that might not be immediately apparent to us humans, as the complexities of the world sometimes escape the grasp of our relatively short-sighted understanding. Perhaps that’s why the urgency of the climate crisis and other environmental issues doesn’t truly hit home for some; because that important data is presented in a dry, factual way that doesn’t stir the deeper parts of our collective soul, in a way that would move us to realize what is being lost. Where science fails, that’s where art can come in to evoke that necessary emotional response, whether it’s environmentally aware works of painting , textiles , sculpture , or even just working with stones , snow and leaves . Clare Celeste is yet another environmentally-minded artist creating artworks that aim to highlight the precious biodiversity of the planet. Using paper that is intricately cut and then hand-assembled piece by piece, Celeste forms vibrant, imaginary landscapes of flora and fauna that […]


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