Courtesy of Sinai Technologies Close Authorship Sinai’s co-founders Alain Rodriguez and Maria Fujihara. What do software giant Microsoft, beverage queen PepsiCo, footwear upstart Allbirds and paint and coatings bigwig AkzoNobel have in common? All four companies are among the roughly 2,000 businesses that use some form of internal carbon pricing, both as a hedge against future climate risk and a mechanism for investing in solutions such as climate tech to help mitigate global temperature increases. According to a CDP case study , Netherlands-based AkzoNobel, for example, uses a “social cost of carbon” figure of $160 per metric ton as part of its environmental profit and loss statement, which measures the economic impact of its environmental footprint. It also uses a “shadow price” of $59 per metric ton to account for the potential impact of materials it purchases from suppliers. That’s the price it might be responsible for paying in the future, should some sort of carbon tax or fee become mandatory as part of government regulations. (These are prices it was using in 2017, so they could be different now, but you get the idea.) As reported in the CDP case study, AkzoNobel also uses the pricing to calculate […]


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