All companies need to have an adequate waste management solution . This involves making sure that they can manage all of their textile waste. Research has shown that around 120,000 tons of textile waste are recorded and produced per year in the US. Developing and building a fashion sector circular economy could alleviate the global textile waste. The concept, however, is impossible to achieve. Conor Hartman, the VP of the Circ business development department, said that the apparel industry was not fully taking responsibility. Among the fashion companies who talk about modifying or altering the landscape, only a few are making financial investments. But not all fashion companies are the same. Levi’s, for example, recently launched SecondHand, the company’s first-ever resale offering. H&M also opened its first garment recycling unit called Loop across the globe. Now, what do we need to do to make 2021 a groundbreaking year for circular fashion? Accelerating Circularity founder, Karla Magruder, said that action and progress are needed. We cannot do it alone. Everyone is part of a big puzzle. There are some major steps that eco-fashion companies can take to be environmentally friendly. Here are the other things to turn circular fashion into […]


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