Are you a crafter or an artist who likes to experiment with different materials? If so, you probably are already familiar with your local creative reuse center . But if your community doesn’t have a creative reuse center, this may be something you’d like to get started locally. If so, this article is for you. Creative reuse centers collect gently used craft supplies, manufacturing leftovers, industrial scraps, and other materials considered waste. Then they redistribute the materials to the community as supplies for crafting and art — creative reuse! There are creative reuse centers throughout the world, and they are all turning the idea of trash on its head. To give you an idea of how some creative reuse centers started and how they operate today, we’ve surveyed six centers from the U.S. plus the original reuse center in Australia. We also got some tips from reuse center staff for those who want to start a creative reuse center in their community. Arts Parts – Boulder, Colorado Arts Parts was founded in 2011 by a woman who knew first-hand the problem of high-end fabric waste through her husband’s business. The center was incorporated as a nonprofit in May 2015 […]


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