Household trash, including dirty nappies, can be recycled instead of going to landfill. About 2 billion tons of household waste is generated a year. Almost 70% of it is sent to landfill or openly dumped. Tel Aviv company UBQ can recycle household garbage into reusable plastics. This can be used in the manufacture of products including furniture, car parts and construction materials (such as bricks). Bags full of garbage going to landfill is a big contributor to climate change. Treating and disposing of this waste – from diapers to drinks containers – creates about 5% a year of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to World Bank data on solid waste . What if our household trash – including food, dirty nappies and mixed plastics – could be recycled instead of going to landfill? This is the vision of Israeli startup UBQ Materials. The company, based in Tel Aviv, is developing a way to turn household waste – including food residue, mixed plastics, card, paper and even dirty diapers – into a form of fully recyclable plastic. The material can “ substitute conventional plastic, wood and concrete ” in thousands of everyday products, UBQ says. This includes construction goods like […]


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