Courtesy of Arizona Desert Shrimp Close Authorship A sustainable shrimp farm in the desert, using water from a saline aquafer. Summer makes me nostalgic for seafood. As a kid, our annual family vacation to Croatia was my favorite time of the year. I spent my days snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, strolling through quaint markets and eating lots of seafood. But those days are long gone. Seafood hasn’t been part of my diet after learning about the detrimental effects of overfishing on our oceans , appalling human rights violations on vessels and fish sentience . I’m well aware of many sustainable fishing initiatives and their economic importance. Yet as a consumer, I’ve found it too daunting to evaluate whether the seafood at my restaurants or supermarkets are truly sustainable and ethical. While diving into seafood issues in preparation for VERGE Food , however, I’ve come across a few better approaches I’d consider supporting. Hopefully, they help bring a better catch to your plate this summer. The smaller, the better In 2019, a study from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future had a surprising finding. Completely eliminating meat, fish and dairy from our plates […]


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