Ecologyst has created a truly transparent clothing company where the retail, factory and warehouse spaces are all in the same location. The large new Ecologyst facility in Victoria, British Columbia recently opened to the public. Here, the shoppers and the people making the clothing are only separated by a few steps. The Ecologyst brand is known throughout Canada for creating sustainable fashion. The clothing uses 100% all-natural, biodegradable materials like merino wool and cotton. Customers can come here and see how their clothing is made, getting an up-close look at the entire process, the materials used and the conditions where the staff works. There aren’t many companies out there that are willing or even able to provide this level of transparency. Located in a heritage building dating back to 1892, the facility is spacious and full of natural light, with high ceilings and gleaming whitewashed brick . Colin Harper Architect worked with locals to bring a brand-new vision for the building to life. The journey begins in the foyer, where you’ll learn more about the Ecologyst story. From here, you can enter the warehouse and the showroom. You can even speak with the people making the clothing if you […]


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