Used electronic devices have been recycled in a nationwide effort to produce the Olympic Medals for the Tokyo 2020 Games. The project plans to set a precedent for future Olympic Games. Olympische Sommerspiele 2020 | Reproduktion einer Medaille As the athletes take the podium and, with a slight bow, have their medals placed around their necks they will be happy to have landed in the top three. For the people behind the Tokyo Medal Project, they’ll be happy that those Olympic medals are there in the first place. The project recycled old electronic gadgets such as smartphones and laptops to produce the Olympic Medals that are being awarded at the Tokyo Games. For the people of Japan, the project offered a unique opportunity to be a part of the Games. "The campaign called on the public to donate obsolete electronic devices for the project," Toyko 2020 spokesperson Hitomi Kamizawa told DW. "We are grateful for everyone’s cooperation." The project capitalized on the fact that billions worth of precious metals such as gold and silver which are used in electronic devices get discarded each year globally thanks to people simply dumping or burning their gadgets instead of ensuring they are […]


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