Swedish cosmetics brand Forgo has conducted a lifecycle assessment of its mix-it-yourself soap in a bid to eliminate carbon emissions from its supply chain. By driving down the emissions associated with producing its refillable cosmetics, the company hopes to reach net-zero by 2026, co-founder Allon Libermann told Dezeen "We will be net-zero with offsets as a company," he said. "Maybe not by 2023 but definitely within the next five years. So that includes Scope 1, 2 and 3 [emissions]." To become net-zero, a company needs to reduce its emissions across three categories, as set out by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol . This includes direct Scope 1 emissions from the assets it controls, Scope 2 emissions from purchased energy and indirect Scope 3 emissions generated along the value chain. According to Libermann, Forgo will begin by focusing on its Scope 3 emissions as these will likely be the most substantial. "First and foremost, we want to reduce our own supply chain emissions as low as possible," he said. Design brands lead charge to decarbonise economy Forgo is one of several design companies taking a lead in efforts to become net-zero businesses, meaning they eliminate all emissions generated both by their […]


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