Courtesy of Intelligent Growth Solutions Close Authorship Intelligent Growth Solutions’ ligh controls can grow produce in half the time as traditional ag. Vertical farming needs to get beyond the leafy green business — the ability to grow crops such as kale, microgreens and lettuce in urban or indoor settings won’t transform the entire agriculture system. The industry needs to cultivate a much wider array of produce to mark more than a niche impact. Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS), a Scotland-based vertical farm manufacturer, has started inching into this territory alongside its capabilities in helping organizations with traditional leafy green vertical farming. Its system can grow potatoes, strawberries, broccoli and celery seedlings that can be used by farmers to propagate crops on traditional farmland. While this is just a small step into the next era of vertical farming, the practice is helping farmers cut down growing times and reduce waste, according to IGS. For example, according to IGS, the market for soft fruits such as berries in the U.K. is equivalent to $636 million per annum, but 100 percent of seedlings have to be imported into the country and 35 percent are thrown away before planting due to pests, disease and […]


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