Do you have a craft stash at your home? In your collection of crafting supplies, do you have partially used paints that you know you’ll never use again or a partial packet of buttons? Maybe you have irregular pieces of fabric, foam, and felt. Or there’s a third of a skein of yarn that just won’t match anything, half a sheet of stickers for a very specific project, crayon stubs, worn-out paintbrushes, outdated cake toppers, weirdly shaped cookie cutters, or any other leftover materials from your crafting projects. What can you do with these resources? They are certainly usable but you never seem to find a use for them in your new creations. Enter creative reuse centers. What Is a Creative Reuse Center? A creative reuse center is a craft thrift store and so much more. It’s a business or nonprofit organization that collects usable materials, leftovers, or surplus creative supplies and redistributes them to the community for reuse. These organizations accept donations from individuals as well as manufacturers, industry partners, and businesses. Donations can be in the form of leftover craft supplies such as your craft stash. They may also include cabinet or flooring samples from a home […]


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