To celebrate National Moth Week, bask in the beautiful variety of these oft-overlooked insects When the night falls and most people start to turn in, wildlife conservation photographer Carla Rhodes grabs her camera and heads outside. She wanders out onto her yard in Woodstock, New York, and hangs a white bedsheet across two poles or her porch. Then she puts several blacklights above the sheet and waits. Soon, hundreds of moths will flock to the floodlit fabric like actors taking center stage, jostling for the limelight. Many moths are attracted to UV lights. Amongst them is this large waved sphinx moth that was photographed in Rhodes’s home in the Catskill Mountains. Rhodes has been photographing these critters on most nights since May in advance of National Moth Week , which falls this week from July 17 to 25. She picked up her passion for observing moths—known as “mothing”—last year at the height of the pandemic. On top of the lockdowns, she had a foot injury, so she couldn’t venture out on long daytime hikes and keep to her usual hobby of photographing birds. Instead, she found the ideal substitute activity: snapping pictures of moths, which are mostly nocturnal. “It’s […]


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