The State of Missouri is blessed with a number of beautiful trees and their blossoms. The Flowering Dogwood is a highly popular and beautiful tree . It can be found across the whole of the north. Its blossoms come out in early spring and they are a beautiful white set against the bright red fruit that the tree produces. This plant and other flowering trees help to make up some of the landscape of Missouri. They provide color, variety, and life to fields and gardens everywhere. However, without proper care, they would be lost. If you are lucky enough to have one of Missouri’s beautiful trees in your gardens then knowing how to fully appreciate it is very important. Flowering trees don’t just make the world look more beautiful, they provide so many other benefits too. This article looks at some of the state’s more lovely trees, and how you can care for them, and any other trees that you may own. Is it worth having a tree on your own property? One question many ask is, is it worth the trouble of having your own tree? It is fair to say that much enjoyment can be had from […]


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