“Sustainability is our north star,” said KADA, a clothing company leading the charge in corporate responsibility and change within the notoriously wasteful fashion industry. The company’s products are designed by women, for women with a commitment to conservation . KADA is a Boston-based company, and every decision it makes revolves around waste reduction. The manufacturing process starts, in part, by collecting other manufacturers’ waste in the form of salvaged fabrics. From there, fabric selection relies mainly on Cupro, a silk-like material made from recycled cotton manufacturing waste. Cupro is biodegradable and made in a closed-loop factory that continuously recycles water and required chemicals. KADA also strives to work with mills and factories that honor the sustainable mindset. One such factory is well-known for its innovative production of organic materials while recycling 100% of textile waste and using a greenhouse gas-capturing system. During the design process, owner Kassia Davis and the team work to minimize the number of seams in each piece, which in turn minimizes waste offcuts. They then develop prototypes that are tested (with real women) to ensure proper fit, feel and function. This is to avoid mass-production of product lines that may be ill-received and discarded. The […]


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