A seal known as Mrs Vicar because the white plastic band that was stuck around her neck when she was rescued two-and-a-half years after she was first sighted off the Norfolk coast. She has been released back into the wild after being nurtured back to health by the RSPCA. A rare Caucasian wingnut tree at Blenheim Palace has produced its finest summer floral displays in living memory. The tree’s catkins can reach half a metre in length. The fast-growing deciduous tree was introduced to Britain in the 1780s. Fossil records dating back more than 2.5m years have been found in Turkey. Toa the orca is monitored by a volunteer at Plimmerton boating club in Wellington, New Zealand. The stranded male calf was found separated from its pod and caught in the rocks on 11 July. Officials and volunteers have been taking shifts to care for him while the search for his pod continues. The local Ngāti Toa people have named him Toa, meaning ‘brave’ or ‘strong’. A baby beaver with its mother at the National Trust’s Holnicote estate in Somerset. The kit was seen swimming on the estate in Exmoor where beavers were introduced in January 2020 for the […]


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