Copenhagen-based Beyond Leather has combined leftovers from apple juice and cider production with natural rubber to create a plant-based leather alternative called Leap. The animal hide substitute is made by mixing apple waste with natural rubber and applying it to a textile backing made of cotton and wood fibre before finishing it with a protective coating, creating a three-layered structure that can be disassembled at the end of its life. Beyond Leather has created a leather alternative called Leap from post-industrial food waste Leap joins a growing cohort of biomaterials that are being designed to mitigate the environmental impact of animal leather and its plastic alternatives. Among them are Piñatex , which is made from waste pineapple leaves and has previously been turned into Hugo Boss trainers , as well as the mushroom leathers being piloted by Adidas , Stella McCartney and Hermès . Beyond Leather ‘s apple-based version emits 85 per cent less CO2 in its production than traditional leather, according to the company’s estimates, as well as requiring one per cent of the amount of water. A full lifecycle assessment is yet to be undertaken. The apple biomass help to give the material a supple, tactile quality […]


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