Eliminating carbon emissions from our building and transportation sectors will be critical to maintaining a healthy and livable climate. This week’s IPCC report makes it clear that heat waves will continue to worsen—so we must rise to the challenge in addressing and living with extreme heat events . The good news is that decarbonizing these sectors is also good for our economy. Today, Missouri is home to more than 50,000 clean energy jobs . Electric Vehicle Charging Station This employment sector was growing steadily prior to the economic stress induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, with clean energy jobs growing more than 3 times faster than the rest of the state’s jobs on average in 2019. Despite an overall decrease in the number of clean energy jobs in 2020, this employment sector is recovering quickly from the pandemic lull, with more than 9 percent job growth documented in the latter half of the year. This resilience demonstrates the incredible potential for clean energy jobs to employ an ever-increasing number of Missourians. While cities like Kansas City and Saint Louis house many of the clean energy jobs in the state, nearly a quarter of jobs were found in rural areas in […]


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