If you want to beautify your yard while simultaneously doing your little part to save the world, consider planting a pollinator garden. Even a small outdoor space can make a difference to bees, butterflies and other important pollinators. Most types of flowering plants require pollination. While wind and water are responsible for pollinating some plants , and a few are even self-pollinating, the vast majority depend on little mobile creatures. The act of a bee or other critter transferring pollen from one flower to another of the same species produces fertile seeds. Here’s what you need to know to help your local ecosystem stay abundant in plant and pollinator life. Planning your pollinator garden Shrubs, annuals and flowering perennials provide the pollen and nectar required to turn an ordinary garden into a thriving pollinator garden. Even if you only have an apartment patio, you can create a pollinator garden with container plants. More space? Even better. In addition to selecting the right plants, provide a water source for your pollinators, make space for nesting sites and don’t use herbicides or pesticides that will kill off these vulnerable creatures. Native plants are best for keeping your local pollinators happy. Plus, […]


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