When we receive a meaningful gift from a friend, family member, colleague, or others, it makes us happy and grateful toward the gift giver. With this in mind, we most likely will reciprocate and give a gift to someone else or even the gift giver. Gift-giving should be based on thoughtfulness and appreciation and does not need to be expensive. Sustainable gift ideas can be thoughtful and at the same time eco-friendly. Ethical and sustainable gifts do not have to cost a pretty penny. If you are on a shoestring budget, there are various ideas for getting ethical and sustainable gifts within your budget. Consider these ten ideas. 1. Sustainable clothing Sustainable clothes do not have to be expensive. Various stores offer cheaper options for Supima, organic cotton, and recycled fabrics clothes. In fact, buying from these stores is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save tons of solid waste each year . 2. Unisex Upcycled Indoor Slippers These unisex slippers made from upcycled, 100% recycled cotton and deadstock fabrics are comfortable, stylish, and come in various colors. They range the price less than USD 50. 3. Recycled wine glasses and Carafe The wine glasses are […]


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