Photo credit: AAFC via Twitter Ottawa announced investments totalling more than $1.7 million in funding for nine agricultural projects across Quebec, including over $750k for two projects in berry production. Recipients included Ferme Onésime Pouliot, who received up to $199,551 in AAFC funding to develop techniques that will lead to the production of well-performing, healthy, disease and pest-free strawberry and raspberry plants. The plants will be more productive because they will be free of pathogens and pests, allowing producers to reduce their use of pesticides. “We were fortunate to receive a substantial contribution under the AgriScience program. The research project Propagation of healthy strawberry and raspberry plants will allow the development of techniques to produce healthy, pathogen-free plants. This will have a direct impact on Canadian berry producers and also on greenhouse production, which has enormous growth potential,” said Guy Pouliot, owner, Ferme Onésime Pouliot. The farm focuses on supplying fresh produce to grocery stores in Quebec and other eastern Canadian provinces, as well as conducting research and promote the advancement of scientific knowledge within the sector. A second berry recipient was the Institut de recherche et de développement en agroenvironnement, who received up to $552,411 in AAFC funding […]


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