Getty Images Planting extra trees to combat climate change across Europe could also increase rainfall, research suggests. A new study found that converting agricultural land to forest would boost summer rains by 7.6% on average. The researchers also found that adding trees changed rainfall patterns far downwind of the new forests. The authors believe that extra rain could partially offset the rise in dry conditions expected with climate change. Scientists address myths over tree planting Public asked to help shape tree planting strategy Tree planting rise ‘needs to happen quickly’ The findings about increasing rainfall are partly based on observations of existing patterns. But the underlying reasons are less clear – they are probably related to the way the forests interact with cloudy air. Planting trees has become a major plank of many countries’ efforts to tackle climate change all over the world. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the UK is aiming to plant some 30 million new trees every year by 2025. A number of studies have looked at the range of impacts, both positive and negative, that the boom in planting is likely to bring. Getty Images Tree planting in Portugal: for many governments trees are an […]


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