Charcuterie boards have taken over our TikTok and Instagram feeds, but the trend has largely left behind our vegan friends, as true charcuterie boards are mostly made using meats and cheeses. But there’s plenty of delicious vegan ingredients to add to a plant-based board. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, dairy-intolerant, or just conscious of the climate crisis , a vegan ‘charcuterie’ board is an excellent eco-friendly option to try for your next social gathering. Whether it’s an outdoor party, having just a few friends over, or a picnic, a vegan ‘charcuterie’ board can be enjoyed by everyone. Now that people are able to gather again, putting together a platter can be a fun activity to do with your friends and family. The charcuterie board trend picked up speed during the pandemic. Maddie Coticchia and Ellen Coticchia, two sisters from Cleveland, Ohio, started Sweet Brie Co. – a charcuterie board business – just last year right before the pandemic hit the U.S. "With people staying home more, I believe they’ve had more opportunities to explore their interests and express themselves in creative ways," Maddie Coticchia said to EcoWatch. "Arranging food in a beautiful way can also be very therapeutic and […]


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