Some food scraps are too tasty to end up in the compost bin; most fruit and vegetable peels, stalks, and greens can be baked, boiled, roasted, and blended for a zero-waste meal. About 30-40% of our national food supply is wasted each year , which accounts for 11% of US greenhouse gas emissions. Most food scraps sent to landfills and compost piles, however, are perfectly edible, inspiring cooking communities to dedicate themselves to waste-free cooking: chefs like Max La Manna and Alison Mountford (the brain behind Ends+Stems) teach their followers how to repurpose food waste in their cooking, and use a fruit or vegetable in its entirety. Here are a few food-waste-friendly recipes to get scraps out of the trash and onto the plate. 1. Sautéed Beet Greens Instead of tossing the greens on a bunch of beets – which are rich in iron, vitamin C, calcium, and beta-carotene – try sautéing them for a side . Blanch the leaves by boiling them in salted water for about two minutes, then transfer to a bowl of ice water. After squeezing out the excess water, coarsely chop the greens and cook in a skillet over medium heat with olive oil, […]


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