Dezeen promotion: solar product and technology manufacturer Mitrex has unveiled a range of solar-integrated products for high-rise and residential buildings that "transform a building’s shell into a self-sufficient power system," according to the brand. Mitrex’s solar product range is equipped with the brand’s building-integrated photovoltaic technology (BIPV) made up of photovoltaic cells and is part of their commitment to a net-zero carbon future. The range includes solar windows, cladding and railings for high-rise buildings and solar roof and siding for residential applications. Mitrex aims to solve the issue of slow solar product adoption by providing "cost-effective products for any application" According to the brand "historically, solar energy harvesting has been expensive, relatively inefficient and hampered by poor design". However, with a focus on increased efficiency and new technological advances, Mitrex hopes to increase the levels of adoption. Specifically, by offering aesthetic solar products that extend energy generation down to the vertical walls. "Our mission is to be the catalyst that accelerates the adoption of sustainable, energy-generating, human-made structures," said CEO Danial Hadizadeh. "With residential, commercial and industrial buildings accounting for 40 per cent of annual greenhouse gas emissions globally, it’s clear that developers and building owners can play an […]


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