Shutterstock Pradeep Gaurs Close Authorship The Hewlett Foundation’s plan to electrify all road transportation by 2050 focuses on four major regions: India; China; the U.S.; and Europe. Foundations , celebrity philanthropists and tech giants alike have announced plans this year, with grand sums of money attached, to combat climate change. What caught my eye about the Hewlett Foundation’s recently announced zero-emissions strategy is the specific focus on road transportation decarbonization. The goal: eliminate the use of the combustion engine in personal vehicles and the trucking industry by 2050. The foundation hopes that by accomplishing this in four regions — the United States, China, India and Europe — enough global momentum will be achieved to stop the heating of the atmosphere. I sat down with Anand Gopal , who heads up the Hewlett Foundation’s clean transportation grantmaking, to dig deeper into the plan. A former research scientist in clean energy and transportation at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Gopal has a grant-making philosophy that focuses on electrifying the global economy quickly, resiliently and reliably with clean power. Here are some notable learnings from his interview with GreenBiz: The Hewlett Foundation (HF) has been a long-term, large funder in clean transportation […]


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